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Sunswitch Lorentz
Sunswitch Lorentz
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Spesifikasi Sunswitch Lorentz

Sunswitch Lorentz

Automatic Solar Level Switching Device

The Sunswitch Can Be Used For Any Application Where You Need To Switch Depending On The Solar Intensity. It Is An Autonomous Working Unit That Supplies Itself With Power From The Pv-Module On Its Rear Side.

- Trouble Free Operation
- Pump Will Only Run When Minimum Flow Rates Or Pressure Levels Can Be Achieved Which Are Required By Certain Applications
- Reduced Wear On The Pump And Motor Since The Pump Only Starts When It Will Continue To Run

Technical Data
- Contact Rating:
- Max. Voltage 250 Vac / 220 Vdc
- Max. Current 2A
- Max. Power 60 W / 62.5 Va
- Enclosure Class: Ip54
- Cable Length: 4 M
- Wire Size: 3X 1.0Mm² Or Awg 18, Waterproofed
- Mounted Close To The Solar Array
- Manual With Further Informations Is Available In Partnernet

- Meets The Requirements For Ce

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